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Mariah McKay

How is Spokane's meter revenue currently earmarked?

Mariah McKay

Also, what about Spokane's private parking lots undermining such a public proposal by pricing their spots competitively? Would people then just cruise around for a Diamond lot space instead? Either way, I am all about reducing Spokane's addiction to it's private motor vehicles!


There is no comparison between diamond parking lot prices and street parking. Diamond parking lots are usually designed for people who will be parking 3 hrs or longer. Whereas meters are designed typically for people who will be parking no longer than 3 hrs. Of course, there are meters that are longer than 3 hrs, but they are rare and usually on the fringe of the downtown core.

Personally, I am not against the price increase. It will help pay for some much needed aesthetic improvements downtown and along divison thru downtown.

Martin Mosier

If there are no parking spaces available on the street, the price to park is too low - often when parking on a street is free. If there are too many empty paid parking spaces on the street, the price is too high. If the price is free and there are no parkings spaces available, the fact that people might get a free parking space is irrelevant -- there are none available.


I really liked this post. Got me thinking a lot. Thanks!

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