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Saying it's in the University District is a bit of a stretch. It's over by the old Bayou, where Craven's coffee used to have its headquarters, along the river east of Hamilton.


According to the official University District website it's just within the border (the river).



1:11 - U-District boundaries go beyond just riverpoint.


One other quibble - it's my understanding that the first Washington license went to Greenbluff's Mountain Dome Winery - they've been using their imported still for some time now, but haven't offered anything commercially.


Then Mountain Dome needs to get the word out...


Just to clarify the quibbles, we know that we are not the first distillery in Washington, and are happy to join the folks from Mountain Dome in this craft. We are however the first grain distillery - a significant fact considering there are provisions for a small fruit distiller and none for a grain distiller in Washington law - and we are the first production distillery. We have bottled product and are the only distillery thus far to have Federal label and packaging approval. To the best of my knowledge, Mountain Dome has never packaged, and only has product in the barrel.


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