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I will do my part. This question should be posted to both of the mayoral canidates. Get them to make a public commitment to the event. You can ask them the same way the question was posed on the website. Something like, " If our city motto is near nature, near perfect, don't you think we should be an example and show the world we believe in preserving nature by participating in the "lights out America" event on March 29th, 2008? Would you, if elected/re-elected participate in this event? Something like that.

In addition, I think you should repost this about a week leading up to the event.


Now why would anyone associate "Near Nature, Near Perfect" with being dark? If that is the case, N. Korea must be Paradise.


(Be sure and get that URL onto 1 line).

Come on, Spokane --- let's see some originality, instead of more me-tooism (especially when the Pied Pipers are Left Coast granola munchers). I'd suggest that on the designated night Spokanites turn ON all lights visible from outside. Who knows, if this event hits its target, Spokane might be the brightest spot on NASA's map for the night.


Personally...I connect the near nature near perfect motto with the idea of Spokane demonstrating its proximity and ability to maintain a natural environment/habitat. In other words......we should all be promoting the idea of sustainability and conservation. I really doing understand why people always try and make the agenda/ideology of environmentalism a left issue. It is all of our issue wheather we caused it or not. If anyone should be promoting conservation it should be conservatives since the whole idea of being conservative is about maintaining the status quo and limiting progressive ideology. Don't you think that being reckless/careless with the environment is a form of progressive capitalism?


Cities are not natural habitats --- they are the antitheses of them. Caves and hollow trees are natural habitats. Humans build cities because they are more conducive to human health and well-being than natural habitats.

Environmentalism is generally regarded as an issue of the Left because it supplies a pretext for gummint control of the economy --- the perennial goal of the Left.

The only route to a cleaner environment is technology. The only route to technology is a free economy. By "turning out the lights" you are symbolically abandoning the most effective tool in your arsenal.


Ahhh...yes. The 'ol "technology will save us" argument...

C'mon Contrarian...just turn that light off for a minute...if not that, how about replacing one of your incandescent bulbs with one of them there CFLs?


I understand your point that the SP's ie social progressives would like to turn our country into a communistic/socialist nation by pushing a certain agenda, but at the same time the right holds an agenda as well. While free market capitalism sounds good in general, it also produces a form of control that is just disguised better. Free market capitalism, which I agree with in general, can produce a "Huxleyan world". This title is derived from a book that Adous Huxley wrote, entitled " A Brave New World". It is a world that is not forced to do anything, but is lulled into a belief that happiness is derived from satisfying all of our sensual desires. It is a pleasure driven world. It is the opposite of an Owellian World".

It is not in our best interests to become a Technocratic society, even though that is the direction we are going as a nation. The believe that more/better technology will produce a better society/envoirnment is a fallacy and a slippery slope. Technology was also suppose to make work and life easier, so that we could do more of the things that we enjoy, such as spending time with our families and friends, but do we....no. We work more because with all this technology we can be more productive, and as a result we spend less time with family and friends and more time at work .....which you could also say we use more energy by extending work hours, having longer commutes, etc. etc. etc. all to stay ahead in the globalized market.


re: "technology will save us" (Metro): It doesn't need to "save" us, since we are not facing Armageddon --- only a slightly warmer Earth. That warming will require some adaptations, and technology can supply the means to make them --- if we can prevent keep the politicians at bay. The greatest danger of global warming (like terrorism) is the rationale it provides for gummint power grabs.
PS: My lights are all CFs.

re: technocratic society (rob): Your claim that technology does not produce a better society/environment is astonishing. Technology has given you immunity from smallpox, plague, and dozens of other killer diseases. It has doubled your lifespan and given you the means to secure enough food for a month in 1 or 2 days' work. It has allowed you to travel around the world in hours, and to communicate with anyone, anywhere, instantly. And yet you seem prepared to eschew technology in favor of politics or an atavistic retreat to primitivism.



I'm all for it. I would be willing to help organize one. Though it's not much, it would really say something. The beginning of a huge environmental movement...

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