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Andrew Waddilove

I wonder if Spokane will ever see a real eye-catching landmark building that will symbolize the 21st century?
So far, Mr. Worthy's Davenport Tower is the only candidate.
Hmm...guess I'll still have to go to Portland or Seattle to see potential landmark buildings that aren't affected by rising construction prices.


Eventually it will arrive here, and when it does it will be amazing. But do we really need that? Does one landmark building really make a difference? Maybe it's really just something tangible we can point to and say to the West-Side, "look at what we have." No doubt about it, it would be sweet, but we'd much rather have a bustling street-life strewn with people and activity.


Correcto Andrew. Spokane is locked in the past, stuffed with a surplus of old buildings that actually are getting cleaned up, but alas there are not enough market driven forces to justify building an intersting high rise. Worthy did a great service to Spokane to rehab the Davenport. The new Tower however smacks of a developer who would rather slap together cheap sheet metal office space - be aware of the west plains plans. If you can build cheap in the Valley or West Plains, why spend the dollars that are required downtown? Good public/private partnerships can create great projects though. Our elected officials need to get creative and work with developers to use tax incentives and credits to build commercial and residential projects downtown. People and jobs need to happen in close proximity and where better than in the central core? I'm afraid Andrew you'll have to venture west as you say to witness vital and energizing projects. I am looking forward to watching the skyline of Pasco emerge before any interesting project comes along in good ol'e Spokaloo..


Metro Spokane - WHAT'S YOUR POINT? HOW CAN YOU HAVE "BUSTING SREET LIFE WIth PEOPLE and ACTIVITY," without any new and intersting development? Perhaps Kendall Yards will make it happen.
I do not understand your logic.


Hey Jim, you made the point in your first post: Big signature projects need the economics to back them. We're not there yet, hence The Vox, 153 Wall, and even Reugh's original tower planned for the Rookery Block. For now, in Spokane, a signature tower doesn't appear to pencil. In time it will. Cut the city some slack. Things are improving.

You're right about the last comment. After re-reading, we realized we left out a critical part. It should have read:

"No doubt about it, it would be sweet, but we'd much rather have a bustling street full of mid-rises strewn with people and activity."


Metro guys - you're right things are improving and the bustling streets are what really matters. Compare it to the empty streets prior to Riverpark Square and the reopening of the Davenport. I'm all for more martini bars and sidewalk cafes!
I spent last weekend in Bellingham. Great bustling downtown with a wonderful farmers market on the weekend that utilizes an indoor and outdoor setting. The city is about a third the size of Spokane. They seem to know how to get things done.

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