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Spencer Grainger

I wonder how many readers of this site were actually around for Expo 74 - not I.


There are actually Expo 74 Condos in Spokane already (sort of). There were several apartment complexs built in Spokane in the run up to Expo 74 that housed the various international delegations that came to work the fair. On the bluff of Five Mile, up behind the Roseaurs, is one such complex that I understand housed the Russian delegation. After the fair it was operated as the Highlands Apartments until just a few years ago when it was converted to for sale condos.


Just imagine how all the Expo'74 memorabilia would shoot up in value if somebody did this. The White Elephant's inventory would double in value overnight.


Whether at the YWCA, the YMCA, on the former Ft. Spokane Brewery parking lot (or any abutting parking lot, for that matter), what a great way to get more "eyes" on Riverfront Park, capitalize on what the park stands for, and - potentially - dare we imagine - a way to help finance for much-needed improvements to the park itself!

Brilliant suggestion, dear Seattle reader.

Bad Ben

If they were built similarly to the main attractions of EXPO '74: They would have to be designed to have a stable basic structure, but everything else on them would decay rapidly, and would need a massive infusion of cash (within 10 years) to beautify and rectify the decay...or they could just be abandoned in place and buldozed within a couple of years.

Happy trails,
Bad Ben
(Sarcastic Ex-Pat)


Big Ben has a point. Also don't forget to block all of the remaining views of the Spokane river with your new condo. And there's the demolition of historic buildings - like the two grand railroad depots that were removed in favor of expo.
How about we complete one of the many grand buidlings that have been announced here and in other publications that have yet to become reality in our skylineless city.


It's cool to be negative.


Spenser, some of us where around and actually were big time fans of Expo '74! Sorry you young ones missed it. Spokane was a positive place back then and the residents of the region where positive....something that Spokane lacks now, but seems to be changing slowly! (Thank God!) Glad to have grown up in the 70's, not the boring decades that followed. It was a lot open minded period of time.

Sounds great to honor Expo, hate to think of Spokane without it.

Andrew Waddilove

I agree. A plethora of great high-rise proposals, some potentially could have been a landmark building for our skyline.
Designs have come and go and none became a reality. The only proposal that became a reality was the Davenport Tower. Sadly and disappointing though, not exactly a great design.
Construction costs are suddenly squashing great designs all of a sudden.
Even Coeur d'Alene has seen more high-rise construction in the last couple of years than we've seen in the past 25 years.
Where are the forward-thinking people that our city once had?
When will Spokane get a landmark building to symbolize the 21st century?

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