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The street level of the Wells Fargo building at least adds another outdoor fountain to Spokane's collection.
Just a little farther south on Howard, and you're in an emerging area. In the building at 2nd and Howard that houses Interplayers, just across and south of Holley-Mason, there's a great yoga studio, Twist (www.twistyogastudio.com) (full disclosure: I go there, and friends of mine are instructors); a hair salon (Ruby); some future apartments (the Metropole), and then one block east and you're at Vino's, Saunders Cheese, and the chocolate place. You're also not far from Wild Sage. The Crosswalk kids keep that edgy urban vibe alive, and it's hardly the financial district, but it's going to be pretty cool.

Andrew Waddilove

The biggest change that I've noticed between the two pictures, is that none of the buildings no longer exist from the former picture.
It's amazing how some areas of Spokane are changing left and right, while other parts of the city haven't changed much in decades.

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