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Ben Delaney

Thank you Walt for yet another gloriously tasteful contribution to the beauty of Downtown Spokane.


As Soviet-style ugly as that building is up above, what it has done for the streetscape is nothing short of stunning. That empty parking lot it replaced was easily one of the ugliest around and for all the hype about downtown projects that Brewster and others like him try to drum up, nobody has done more for for downtown than Mr. Square Feet.


You're absolutely correct, MK. They nailed the development of the site on this one. We'd be far better off if we could see more sites developed like this. Still can't stand the tacky sign tho'.


Can we get some sort of expose on mixed use commercial and hotels? I stayed at a Best Western in St. Paul once and it was a bit weird having office space above.


Yes, the sign is somewhat obnoxious, but that is the nature of advertising. What drives me crazy about this building is the assumption of its designer that no one will notice that the second story and above is lacking in any sort of architectural detail or design elements. The street level is lovely, but the upper stories are ridiculous in comparison. Its style could best be described as utilitarian, which is so common in modern Spokane design. Cheap construction for feasibility sake, I get that. But would an arched window or a little brick work really break the budget? Second, I cannot stand the faux stone panels that appear to be boarded up windows on the east and west facades of this structure. Who ever decided that was a good idea should be forced to attend remedial design school at the Wendell R Institute of Demolition.


At least Walt actually went ahead and built a highrise in Spokane! All talk, so far , from the other developers! It has increased activity in downtown along Post street. Let's hope the Portland developer uses the Downtown EWU wisely!

Andrew Waddilove

I'm also one of the many who are disappointed with the look of the first high-rise to finally go up in Spokane since the early 1980s.
True, it's not the best looking building that I have seen.
Downtown has seen numerous high-rise proposals over the years.
The Davenport Tower is the first and only high-rise project that actually became a reality.
I just wish that Mr. Worthy's forward-thinking visions created a design with less boxiness.
In fairness though, the great view from the top will make up for the look of the tower.
At least the view from above will be of the city, and not of the Davenport Tower itself.

Rey Smith

I think you meant to write "hawking" office space, rather than "hocking" it. Unless you're just being phlegmatic.


Thanks Teach! Take a look at: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=hock

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