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Andrew Waddilove

It would be a great block for a mix-use project.
With it's close proximity to hospitals, schools, downtown ammentities, and I-90, it's the perfect location to live.
Despite strong demand for downtown living, construction costs are suddenly squashing projects that would help add to downtown.
I too would live downtown if a great central condo project was available.
I'm sure someday a developer will propose a project for this block as well. It's just a matter of time
But like many projects before in the past, it too will unfortunately never become a reality, thus making it another future surface parking lot.


I disagree with the thought that this property will become a parking lot. I am a Junior at LC and have visited the block numerious times, even once to get footage for a news story on grafitti that I did for eMerge news.
The block is full of grafitti, tags, stencils along with tons of vandalism such as broken windows in the abandoned building.
It just doesnt seem like a good place for anything but cheap apartments, at least for now. It is adjacent to the skate park, which is known for its drug dealers and the like, which populate the area year round. During the school year, the kids who skip class frequent the area known as "under the bridge" which runs directly infront of the site. Walking back to school from cutting class downtown, just passing through the bridge can be nerve-racking. Any smart developer would know that this crowd will not move away with the influx of a more affluent apartment/condo, or office. They would be setting themselves up for a lot of painting over grafitti.
And about a surface lot, I don't see that happening here either. There are small commercial parking lots in a few of the blocks surrounding the school, as well as parking under the bridge. Most students park there or in the streets to avoid having to pay. And the lots already in the area are rarely full. The best I think we can hope for is more medical.

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