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Jon Snyder

I think you are correct--to an extent.
Don't underestimate the resilence High Bridge/Peoples denizens.

Consider this episode from the F.O.F. Whitewater Park press conference on Tuesday: Just as the mayor was beginning to pontificate on the park, a couple of Gypsy-Joker looking dudes were walking by with a case of Coors on the way to Peoples--no doubt wondering what the hub-bub was. A nicely dressed woman appoached them. I assumed she was going to school them on city park alcohol policy. Wrong. She was borrowing a bottle opener. F.O.F. had brought celebratory
of bottles of sparkling cider, but nobody remembered a bottle opener. The dudes hung out with their Coors while dignitaries and the mayor all got cups of cider.

A Spokane moment if there ever was one.


Whitewater park is a win win for all. Obviously water sport enthusiasts, spectators, tourism and our collective tax base. Let's face it, we have an image problem. I have friends on the other side of the cascades who constantly rib me about why Spokane exists, and from there it gets worse. This type of activity is something to brag about. Where else except maybe Boulder, Bozeman or Missoula could you get into whitewater, five minutes from downtown? Let's hope that the rest of the gorge gets landscaped and becomes the jewel that currently has only been talked about for 100 years.

mike edwards

The whitewater park is certainly a great project and will do wonderful things for the entire Gorge area. The development of Kendall Yards will, in my opinion be the third nail in the coffin (how many nails do you need exactly). I think 2,000 people living above the gorge will have the most profound effect on the gorge and High Bridge. The key will be to keep the City and Parks Department at the table to manage the facility.


Bob Moylan

Let's go all the way and offer Highbridge and Peoples' Parks as an idea location for the Summer Olympics. Spokane undertakes outstanding projects. Why not use this wonderful natural resource and have a worthwhile objective to help pay for it?

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