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Great slideshow - the project could have a great feel in them if decorated correctly.


Now all they need to do is, at the very least, build a pedestrian bridge over the train tracks so there will be easy access to the campus!


Bridge over the tracks? How about a bridge over Division? Great building, but it's greatest fault is that it's located on the wrong side of an aging highway. If the U-District and development east of Division really want to fly, Downtown's "great divide" needs to be made pedestrian-friendly.


You are a wise man Rick. Division has the reputation as the ugliest thoroughfare in the state, although I'd nominate South Tacoma Way as the worst. Yes it needs to be pedestrain friendlier. How about some tree plantings along Division and Sprague Avenues also. Street beautification starts with trees. Then people will feel like strolling, at least long enough to get to the U District.

Spencer Grainger

Who knows, maybe with this sort of reinvestment even the porn shop next door will vanish?

Jon Snyder

If the porn shop vanishes it will probably have more to do with the fact that its owner was brutally murdered while working there last week.

Kudos to RenCorp for announcing a condo project in an historic building and actually completing it. Quickly.

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