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Yeah and the deadest of them all - " U City " is still languishing. It's like an old wound that won't heal. Definitly an area to avoid on the "Show your out of town friends and relatives Scenic Spokane Tour." Hopefully the new Town Center model will fly before the Valley Mall is boarded up and a new and bigger mall built in Greenacres...


Here's the ironic thing about this...if I remember correctly, a long, long time ago, Northtown was originally an open-air complex, not much different from the old Shadle Center.

Andrew Waddilove

The town center would be a great idea for Spokane Valley.
They need to tear down the entire U-City Mall, and clear out any other nearby under-used areas and start the town center idea in the same location.
I can visualize a large circular public park possibly with fountains, trees and plazas.
Traffic flow around the park would be a large rotary.
Constructed around the park, could be a mix-use of retail, office, and of course residential.
It would actually answer the question of "Where is Downtown Spokane Valley?"


I'm not sure why there isn't a highrise hotel around Northtown.....also the area around the Northtown Office Building would make a great complex for another Commercial and Condo Tower......Great View of Downtown Spokane.

Northtown was originally an outdoor shopping Mall until about 1983. Then it was enclosed....nice small mall...and it really changed to it's current form in 1990.


I like Andrew's idea. I believe there is a plan to build a Spokane Valley City Hall near U City. Your plan would be great. However unless our anti tax cousins in the Valley are willing to pay for it, we will continue to live with commercial slumlords - property owners who simply want to wait until they can cash in on the value of the dirt. What an abomination of urban lack of planning - deserted box stores replaced by bigger and newer versions further out in the sprawl to the east. Better zoning laws and ENFORCEMENT are needed to prevent letting these property owners shit all over the landscape. I suppose the the auto wrecking yard that sits adjacant to I-90 is somehow grandfathered into an old ordinance that allows it to ruin everyone's day and provide the worst possible image for visitors to our region...

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