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Why not add the this area to the list of projects to be completed by the Spokane Parks Department which have never gotten off the ground. (i.e. Albi Stadium development) At least those projects have been funded, just not implemented. So alas it seems highly unlikley that a city center park space will be created. Imagine those new views with green space and maybe a fountain!
Is our town really on the move, when there are more parking lots downtown than creative development?

Spencer Grainger

Nice panorama. It actually does a good job of showing what a building offset from the grid does to enhance the view. Too bad it's an illusion.


A park WOULD be nice. And some good bike racks so there's a decent (and relatively central) area for locking up a bike while working, shopping, or otherwise hanging out downtown.


So.....we get rid of one surface parking lot with the construction of the Davenport Tower, but we gain a new surface lot with the destruction of the Rookery. We are back to where we started. Way to go downtown Spokane!!!!!

Andrew Waddilove

I totally agree with Rob. Surface parking lots are like a bad penny: they keep showing up somehow...
It's kind of sad because Howard and Riverside is, in a way, the heart of Downtown Spokane.
Its a shame that the heart of downtown is to become a parking lot of all things.
I was in Austin, Texas recently, and the biggest developments there for downtown is also high-rise condo projects.
Despite the cost of construction prices though, developers somehow seem to still find a way to build them there.
Not like here where construction prices suddenly conveniently delay or scrap a project altogether.
But if you have been to Austin recently, then you'll know what I'm talking about.
Despite hiking prices, Austin knows how to develope and attract people and businesses to it.
I wish more developers and city leaders here would take a look at Austin and learn from them.
Me personally based on what works, I would rather see a 20-30 story condo project on the corner of Riverside/Howard than a typical surface parking lot. Look at the facts and demands: Condos are more in demand than surface parking lots.
A parking lot is a definite waste of space especially considering that Howard/Riverside is supposedly the heart of downtown Spokane.
Don't we have enough parking lots already?


Very true Andrew! I was in Austin last week, and Spokane leaders need to take a trip to Austin and see the cool development that they're doing right now.
Ironically, the Austin metro area was roughly the size of Spokane 20-25 years ago.
Thanks to forward-thinking city leaders, Austin is now a metro area of approxmately 1 million people.
The percentage of Downtown Austin's surface parking lots are shrinking while ours are the same if not on the rise again.
In Austin, 35 story office/condo projects are going up left and right, constantly changing the skyline.
I realize that every city and every state has different rules for things, but what are developers there doing that developers aren't doing here?


If memory serves me correct, Austin draws no division between city and county and thus the metro area equals the city of Austin, which benefits from business and property taxes from the entire region. Spokane could have accomplished this with the incorporation of the Valley which was soundly rejected by our backward looking kin to the east, who feared that becoming part of the city would mean that they would have to move their illegal business from their illegal garage built without a permit. Wrecking yards and those with cars parked on the front lawn could not give up their precious freedom to regurgitate on the landscape.
Texas and Austin in particular has courted high tech business for years, which has created good high paying non polluting jobs. This creates prosperity and a market for well designed downtown living space.This mix along with a large intelligensia related to the U. of Texas creates a sophisticated population that loves and protects what it loves - a vibrant city with music all over town, art,jobs, architecture that challenges the status quo. I'm afraid we're a long way from Austin in more ways than one.. but take heart businesses such as BlueRay seem to have discovered us. Let's hope we learn how to play the game!


Wendell ought to do a 'green' parking lot. I think you use concrete paver type material where the grass can grow up through the holes. The car movements keep the grass under control. it might be a cool experiment for downtown Spokane...and cheaper for Wendell....Wendell would like that!

Does anyone know a LEEDS certified architect in Spokane?


Mike - I believe the Community Building downtown is a LEED project. Great idea to make another lot appear a little friendlier. Wendell, can you work with us?

Andrew Waddilove

The Vox Tower when completed, will also be a LEED certified project.

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