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Is this related to the McDowell proposal for an office building that was mentioned in the Spokesman late last week? I think it was in the story about his fight to build the condos on Riverside.


Yes....this is the office building they are taking about constructing if the city agrees to McDowell's proposal. if the city is smart, they will agree to this proposal!!!


Pia Hansen rips those Peaceful Valley protesters pretty good in the Spokesman today.

My favorite line:

"The Growth Management Act aims to reduce sprawl by increasing infill. If you live inside the city limits and are under some illusion that the weed field on the other side of your driveway will remain vacant for the rest of your life, you are wrong: Someone owns it, and someone wants to build there."

Two new buildings and get out of a lawsuit you will probably lose, sounds like a no-brainer.


Yeah, another good column by Pia.The opposition to the new condo project is absolute NIMBYISM. Spokane needs downtown development that is well planned and that will restore some vibrancy to the area. Imagine living in the new condo tower and walking to the symphony or with your kayak to the river which may have the whitewater park supported by this project. As I relayed to Pia, keep the pressure on the naysayers - let the no-growthers imagine having to drive to kennewick to find a Nordstroms after the Riverpark store closes for lack of interest, taking a drive to Missoula to find ethnic food and voila.. their only options are the General Store and Chilis! Good commnet MK. The new Gateway would be a welcome addtion and make an architectual statement.


Looks like this building should become reality in the near future. Hopefully the Peaceful Valley residents will not follow through with their lawsuit threat and drag this thing out.


Well there's hope yet. Kudos to the Spokane City Council for okaying the Riverview on Riverside Condo Project. The developers have to have a community meeting with the peaceful valley NIMBY'S, and then the project is good to go. This is a good project in the right location - another step in revitalization of downtown.

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