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I knew that Macy's building was a beauty under all that gunk. I wonder what it would take to get them to expose the original facade?

Danny Dinges

Sure looked a lot better back in the day then it does now in my opinion. Sad

Mark Simonds

Sure wish they would tear down the skywalks!!

Robert Wilson

I was delighted to see a brief glimpse of Siegels, Men's Store. It was here that I bought a suit for $17.50 and added a pair of pants for $2.00 The suit was for high school graduation, 1940.

Robert Wilson

(Sorry of this proves to be repeititous. For some reason I had computer glitch on my second comment.) So, once again.
Seeing the Ritz in this picture reminded me of the many theaters in Spokane during my earlier days.In its elegance, the Fox stood as the Grande dame. It was rumored to have cost in the millions. Down the street was the State. Betrween these two, of course on Howard was the Orpheum. It was hear that on Saturday mornings hundreds of the young would enjoy the Tilakum (sp) Club. There offered,, a small stage presentation, cartoon, serial and feature, usually a Western. An after the shows, you were given an ice cream bar. Total cost was ten cents.If you missed first run offerings at these theaters, or didn't have the thirty five cents, you could go to the Liberty. where in about six weeks these flims would appear. Not only recent productions, but a double bill. Several other smaller houses existed, included were the Granada, Majestic, home of the Buck Jones club, Rex, Ritz, Unique, Post, a little larger,the Empress, where I once saw three features for ten cents. Not as bad as it sounds, some of the features of the day were sixty minutes or less.I recall many interesting things about these theaters, one of these is an advertisement by the State. Frankstein was the film and they were going to have a nurse in attendance in case anyone was overcome by the drama. Well, enough for now. I have lived in California for a long time, but have many memories of Spokane, and I know there are others like myself who could enrich one's understanding of the history of Spokane.

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