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Sally Sahnemacher

Your intentions are good, but the result would be dreadful. Those benches that you so delightfully describe as "look like they were designed and assembled by a team of 5th graders" are so lovingly Spokane. Like the antiquated concrete garbage cans all over downtown, they are nothing but honest old-fashioned-sturdy-yet functional-public-amenities. Plus they are virtually indestructible and will last until Spokane's next Expo, maybe longer. Like the signs that the Spokaloo.net adores, if these went away, we'd look like any other city. Now, would we want that? Save the bus benches! Save the garbage cans!


^ Sally..don't take this personal, but that is the mentality that holds Spokane back from becoming a better city. Great cities always think of ways to become better and are always challenging the status quo. Currently, most Spokanites accept the status quo out of fear of losing something without thinking of what they will gain. SO SAD!!! JCDecaux is a great idea and I think this link should be forwarded to STA transit!!! I am sure they already know about JCDecaux, but a reminder would help. Those bus shelters look great and they are free.....It can't get any better. Much more ascteticly pleasing that what we currently have and it would promote ridership in the hottest and coldest months undoubtedly. How can you say that those park benches look better than the JCDecaux bus shelters? Am I missing something? Does anyone else think that the status quo is better than what JCDecaux has to offer?.........Please. In reality, If those benches were changed out tomorrow in place of bus shelters, nobody would miss them especially the riders!


Wow, please kill the benches immediately.

There is at least one bus shelter I know of in front of the Catholic high rise down by Q-6 and lots of homeless people sleep in it when it's cold (which I would too if I was cold and homeless).

If mass transit is ever to be taken seriously in this region simple things like shelters will go a long, long way. STA, get on this!

Sally Sahnemacher

You are right, I am holding on to the status quo for fear of what I might gain. I might gain a bus ride. Maybe the bus would see me if I am standing in a lighted shelter, then I wouldn't have to bring my 6 D-cell Maglite to flash at the bus driver so he doesn't miss me. Who do we contact at STA to get such a simple project going? As for the concrete Expo era garbage cans, that's where I draw the line. If the city were to ever uproot them (if they can lift them) I will be first in line at the surplus auction!


As a new Spokane transplant who tried my hardest to ride the bus on a regular basis, I can say the addition of shelters would go a LONG way in making the car look less attractive every morning.

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