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Thank you for your coverage of this issue. There are a number of other pressing concerns in South Perry that also bring up interesting dynamics of urban development and neighborhood planning. For example, we are currently trying to negotiate with the city on the implementation of a plan that called for three more blocks of streetscape improvements.

Ben D.

Glad to see you highlighting this issue again. Although, you forgot to mention Hai's Mini Market on your graphic. They too sell wild amounts of alcohol and yet have free reign to do so because of the same ridiculous rule, and District 81's absurd adherence to an antiquated self-imposed "rule" against ANY acceptance of a liquor application. In fact, District 81 has their own limit of 750 ft.! At some point, somebody has got to put some pressure on them to get into this century and start using their heads.

Casual observer

Re: trailers dressed like signs

When it comes to sign clutter, enforcing the rules almost always falls to the nearby neighbors who express an interest in the aesthetics of their city.

Temporary/portable signs require a permit under the codes of both Spokane County and the bigger cities.

(See SMC 11.17.240, section C)

Many of the A-frames, readerboards, trailer signs, inflatable baboons and the like are up illegally.

But with the exception of Spokane Valley, local governments do not send code officers out to find and correct violations.

In Spokane, the official planning department policy is that sign code enforcement is complaint based.

What that means is that it's up to the people who drive by these things every day to enforce the law.

Not everybody cares about signs. Those who do, though, have the power to clean them up by filing complaints with the city.

Just thought this might be a useful point to add to the discussion.


Casual - All good points you make. You'd think that the school/parents would be equally as concerned about this kind of advertising as they are about after school hours drinking up the road...Certainly conflicting messages

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