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This building is truly ugly from all angles - I think it looks like a high school.


Now, I'm a designer and can be as snobby a bitch as any of you, but seriously, is there one single building in Spokane that isn't ugly to you people?


C'mon, we're critics, but we've raved about buildings on here before. Yep, Lincoln Building, Foley Courthouse, Review building, Parkade, Riverfalls Tower, Met Bank Building, Davenport...

Even the Upper Falls is decent from the outside, but things could be better, and less 'Wall-like' in our opinion.


That does jar my memory. I was thinking more about comments from other people and not necessarily your blog posts.


I hate to say it, but I don't think it's that bad. (In fact, I kind of like it.) Sure it could have been better, but every building could be improved. The brick makes historical sense, and at least that element compliments the Flour Mill. Considering some of the cheap looking crap that's been constructed over the past 20 years, it really could have been a lot worse!!


Very true Mike. We just felt given such an amazing location, what an opportunity to have a building to suit. Boxiness aside, something have been done to make it less overwhelming to the surrounding structures (flour mill).


They should have gone vertical with the building. taken the eastern half to the building and put it ontop of the western half. this would have moved it away from the flowermill and given spokane a nice new 14-15 story highrise condo. it wold have looked real nice once the YMCA condos hopefully get built.


I'll try not to rehash old points, but the building is ugly. The north side is disgusting, reminds me of the Travelodge by the convention center. Maybe some really creative artists could spice it up a little.


Did you or any reader actually make a poitive comment about the biggest eyesore in downtown (exc. Mohawk excavation which makes Bagdad look appealing)the Parkade!

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