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One would hope that they would be dropping the price point. As a prospective home buyer, I am certainly interested in living downtown, but I can't afford to live at 809 W. Main. I like the idea of walking to my favorite watering holes and dinner.

Maybe Prium sees that there is a substantial void in the 200K to 350K price point (which I think there is) and realizes that 120 units at X price pencils out at a greater margain then 96 units at Y price.

It also appears (and I could be wrong) Prium has beefed up the specs on their website for the building, indicating that units will vary from 795 to roughly 1250 sq. feet.

According to the Inlander, tomorrow is the "big day" as to whether the project will actually go forward. Who knows.


Good thoughts. So here's follow up question: What would it take for you to consider living along, say, the North Monroe Corridor?


Amenities. Actually, the real question would be how far up the North Monroe corridor. There are some stellar restaurants and bars up there, but there need to be more activities.

I think there needs to be an effective (and safe) means to being able to commute across the river. I also believe that the urban vibrancy of downtown diminishes rapidly the minute you cross the river to the North. The minute that the energy can be conveyed to the North side of the river bank, people will more than likely come.

If we're talking Kendall Yards and figuring out how to entertain hundreds (and thousands) of residents, I think a street car would effectively link dowtown with the new urban village. There may be a tough position tough, in my opinion, for those who first move into Kendall Yards. As early adopters, those new citizens are going to have to make the choice of whether to walk across the Monroe Street or bridge or hop in their cars and drive 10 blocks or so.

I believe a bit ago you had a post called "Cap That Rascal" regarding either a bridge over the railroad tracks or one over 90. What we need to work on is "Crossing the River."


anyone hear anything on prium's decision to move forward with the Wall street condos?

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