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I am in high hopes that this project can go through, but even with SRM announcing this don't they have to wait until ywca can relocate to the big bros/sis old bingo location? I hope that the project happens it just seems as though it will take quite a while. Any hopes that it might move faster? Also, got a question about the tall building right along the water falls - was it a good idea to let buildings up to 150 feet border the best downtown natural feature perhaps in the nation?


In regards to sustainable's question, it is definitely very important to think about strategies to protect the Spokane Falls waterfront for public access and viewings. I was (and still am) part of the development team for the proposed YMCA condos, across the river from the YWCA condos. Our solution was (and will be, if the project goes forward) to allow complete public access along the river front, with no fences or gates to go though to enjoy the views. This solution stemmed from the reasoning that because our river is in a gorge, you have to be right up near the edge of the gorge to look down at the view. Buildings along the edge don't obscure the view unless the public's access to the edge of the gorge are limited. And in general, we found that buildings with large floorplate sizes had a much bigger negative impact on views than taller buildings with small floorplates-- walls vs. spikes, if that makes sense. So in our minds floorplate legislation would be a better tool to preserve view corridors than height restrictions, in most cases.


I do hope the project provides access by the public. There needs to be some type of walkway between the river and the project.

I also hope the view of the Spokane County Courthouse to downtown is protected! I hope Kendall Yards has a wide walkway from the Courthouse to the Monroe Street Bridge. It could be lined with trees and lamp posts and make a great gathering place for the public and nice entry area for Kendall Yards!

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