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I think they serve a purpose if there is a need between the buildings (i.e. Riverpark Square to Macy's), also they can serve the business community. I don't see the need to tear them down, at this point in time. They need to be maintained though to keep them in good condition. I know I use the old Parkade Plaza skywalk (the first one built in 1967)frequently when I shop downtown. When there were more department stores in downtown (The Crescent and J.C. Penny's), they were used quite often by people.

Don't get me wrong, I think sidewalk activity is great and they should have designed the skywalk system with ramps and such to combine both systems -sidewalk and skywals, which might be a good idea now!

Aimless in Spokane

Get rid of them already. They are an eye soar, take away from street level activity and smell bad.


I agree with dan/spokane, and disagree with aimless in spokane. The skywalks, with a bit more maintance and attention could be very good looking. Also the provide the best way for people to get around without going outside when its bone-chillingly cold, snowing, raining, windy, hot or anytime you would rather not be outside. If the skywalks were expanded to include more of downtown, and had much better connections with sidewalks (like the parkade skywalk system does, they could return to their former glory. Plus they offer a great view of parades.

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