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Awesome, I love it. As an artist in Spokane I will say there is a definate increase in creative happenings all over Spokane (except the Valley, yuck). From the music scene to visual art it's starting to get a lot more interesting.


I think it's important to differenciate between tagging and graffiti.

A tag is really just a quick signature that anybody can put down. I'm guessing our police department see it as a sign of gang war or something, though my guess is that it's mostly from bored South Hill teenagers who are "rebelling" against their parents. Tags are, in my opinion, pretty much always a blemish.

Now some of the more intricate stuff, like the Hotzone knock-off, that's actually pretty decent, and not as much of an eye-sore. Condoning it is probably a bit of a slippery slope, but the work has at least been done by somebody who has a clue. And that counts for something.



Couldn't agree with you more. The Hotzone knock-off was great, and there is a huge difference between tagging and the more skilled stencil-work. They're so good that people likely confuse them for some public arts project.

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