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Stuck up here on the North Side my wife and I are countig the days until we can sell our house and move back downtown.

The only think I'm apprehensive about is that we're planning on starting a family soon. I don't worry about activities, parks, or safety at this point, I'm more concerned with the logistics of raising one or two kids in 1000 to 1200 square feet.

Being raised in a giant house in the suburbs makes it hard to break rank and believe that kids don't need a one acre yard and their own playroom to survive.

Other than that I think downtown would be a great place to raise kids. Having the Children's Museum near other kid-friendly stores in the mall and the park is a great start.


If we want to move Spokane ahead, I think we need to focus more than the Family image that has been used for decades!
The single largest group in Spokane is Single People living alone. Contact the City of Spokane Planning department if you don't believe me.
True, downtown should be for everyone! But, concentrate on a variety of activities for all groups and individuals! Diversity is needed in this town. Pay attention to demographics....one growth field will be the aging population....another reason to support Light Rail and better public transportation and housing for the future!


A smartly designed 1200 sqf with quality materials could easily make the average 2600 sqf seem bloated and burdensome. Consider too how much free time your future family might gain from not having to maintain that acre of grass, and cleaning the huge home.

We hope you make it happen.


"But, concentrate on a variety of activities for all groups and individuals!"

Exactly our point. If you make downtown safe enough and accessible enough for children, then naturally it'll work for everyone else. This includes the much maligned emo-kids, the skateboarders, office workers, soccer-moms, the elderly, and families.

The overused tag of Spokane being "family friendly" sounds like a marketing campaign drummed up by someone. We don't think Spokane is any more or less "family friendly" than Missoula or Boise for that matter. It's pretty much a meaningless phrase anymore.

Sally Sahnemacher

Great entry, but what I am concerned about is the red pickup truck in the photograph that doesn't seem to know which lane he/she wants to be driving in. I don't see a lighted turn signal on the back of the vehicle, which makes me doubt that he's changing lanes. Having cycled on all kinds of roads in and around Spokane, I have been literally run off the road twice by pickup trucks when I was already riding on the shoulder, and one of the trucks threw me the bird as he passed. Well, maybe I didn't have a couple of kids in tow to protect me from being run over and he might have thought I was anti-family. Well, one must remember that Spokane is only "near" perfect. Perhaps 1) I should have a couple of kids or 2) Cycle with my shot gun or 3) Ride the bus.


True, Spokane should be for everyone! The Elderly, the young and single people.
I thought the article was ....just again......promoting "Family Friendly" Spokane! ...when in truth more households in the City have one person in them.
Yes, that Family marketing is pretty meaningless, except it promotes a mission in some people's minds.
I'm all for getting everyone in using downtown and promoting Spokane as a whole!

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