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Awesome research metro-Spokane! I totally love those garbage cans. I have only seen the ones downtown, neat to find out they are spread as far as Hillyard. I think we should bring back the wayfinding use of these great amenities. They could direct people to cool historic and current places around town like the mall, the falls, the butterflies (another fav), and of course the goat. Great find keep up the good work!



Good suggestions. Another thought I had was to place photos there that depict the street as it looked in the past. Could be 1960 or 1910. It would get passers-by a to pause a second.


Bicycle Locks, Spokane does nothing to promote bicycling. Maybe a map of downtown along with the locks. That would be nice.


in wilmington, north carolina, a local nonprofit supporting kids & the arts called "dreams" (their moto is "building a culture of confidence"), had a project where kids covered some of the garbage cans around town with tile mosaics they designed and installed themselves. now the garbage cans are fun to look at and have become a real source of pride for the kids, knowing their art has improved their city. i'm not sure how that could be incorporated with your map idea...



That's a great example. Thanks for the link. As Spokane is seen as being very family friendly, an idea like that could easily take hold. It would have the added bonus of signalling to people that downtown can be a kid-friendly place.

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