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David Blaine

Don't you think that buildings like the Parkade, even if suffering through years of public dislike, can become loved landmarks. I think that the Parkade could be even more interesting in 20 years. I think the same thing happened to googie architecture. There was a middle time when those coffeehouses and bowling alleys were maligned but now many people love that look.


The Parkade and the Health Building for sure. The Parkade is just different. It's big, but doesn't look as oppressive as the Riverpark Square garage, and its name makes parking a car sound like fun. What could be better (Park + Parade)?

Spokane has/had some fine examples of googie architecture/signage. Still, most of those structures had uses that went beyond the temporary storage of cars.


I think all the buildings are a nice variety for Spokane. I like the apartment building on Riverside Ave.
The Public Health building would be better positioned to the west...and a nice green space between the County Courthouse and downtown!
The Parkade building will be retro in a few years...just like the old airport building! Leave them alone....they will stand the test of time!
The Skywalks served us well in the 1970's and 80's and show us where Spokane has been!
Hopefully, new highrises in downtown will also show us more variety and mix well with Spokane's historic background!


I find it really interesting that these buildings occupy spaces that have a perpetual empty feeling. I know people park in the Parkade, but the outdoor space is always feels deserted - the same for the Regional Health Building, even on a week day at noon.

It was the same 30 years ago... maybe it's the legacy of the skywalks, but something about them is a little unwelcoming.


Jana - You've described the problem with his buildings perfectly. No matter how 'snappy' the design, if it alienates people what good is it. That small 'public square' next to the Parkade is laughable at best. Notice the iron points that kindly discourage people from sitting down next to the fountain? What's the purpose then?

David Blaine

With the old First interstate building getting redone, there is hope for the parkade plaza. Then put a hot cafe or coffeeshop in the Benjamin's and the patio will look vibrant and appropriate. The problem is Rite-Aid. If that was a shade hipper the whole thing could change.


While Rite-Aid is not a hip place it is the only place to get a lot of impoartant things for people who actually live downtown. Seriously, where can you buy toilet paper in downtown Spokane except at Rite-Aid? I can't tell you how many trips my wife and I made there to pick up odds and ends between our trips to either Huckleberries or the Rosauers in Brown's Addition when we lived downtown (Rite-Aid is the only one that's actually walkbale distance).

I hope those spikes are left over from a seedier time in Spokane's past and that someone will realize they don't need to be there anymore. The little plaze area is cool but they definately don't want the "STA plaza kids" hanging around and they make that fact known.


David you're right. That plaza does have much potential to be an activity node downtown. It really is a pleasant space, but unfortunately the Rite Aid detracts. If anyplace is a prime location for a full service grocery it is the Rite Aid location. All that parking, a nice public space, but you've gotta keep Benjamin's and Cap'n Juicy...


I agree that the Parkade needs to be updated to bring it into the 21st Century. It definitely had more action in the 1970's and 80's. I miss the Early Dawn Ice Cream Factory and all the samples at Hickory Farms! The area is under utilized and would be a great area to improve on to connect with The Rookery Block to the south (let's hope it gets a revival!) and what is the status about updating the old Wells Fargo building? The Bank of Whitman building will also get more people exposed to the Parkade Plaza!

Meghan Pinch

I like Mr. Heylman's work for the most part. As a Peaceful Valley resident I have often wondered what is going to be done with that site next to the Riverside apartments. It is a perfect site for high density development, but I would personally love to see a plan that created a bit more of Pedestrian traffic along Main street as you descend into Peaceful Valley. Some sort of pedestrian connection between the building and our neighborhood would be good, I think. Oh well, all speculation anyway, right?

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