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This mitigation proposed by WSDOT for the wholesale destruction of several properties seems rather silly to me. I will be amazed if someone is living in one of those homes (relocated), say, 5 years down the road. WSDOT knows they will not likely have many takers on the auctions. It's not easy or cheap to move old buildings to a new site with a new foundation. Do you have any links (newspaper articles, WSDOT press releases, etc.) detailing this proposal?


True, but given the hundreds of homes that are going to be taken out for this corridor, an effort and incentive to save the most historically relevant ones is a positive in our opinion.

We received the information from the classifieds, and have calls into WSDOT for more info. We'll post it once we find out more.


where, exactly, are these located? this is interesting, but considering you have to move them somewhere within the neighborhood boundary, I'd like more info on where exactly, the boundary is, etc.

You've piqued my interest, at the very least.


The homes are located in East Central Neighborhood, and generally are to the immediate north and south of I-90. The home we profiled above sold quickly. Unfortunately, at this time it is the only one the DOT has acquired. It's unlikely that the remaining properties will be auctioned off in the near term. It could be upwards of a year, per DOT. Check out p. 12 of the East Central Plan here for more on the neighborhood's boundaries.

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