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My choice is the Heylman-Masonic Site since I live there. I had no idea the whole area was owned by the same group. The apartment building you have a picture of is called Riverfalls Tower and it is the best residential building downtown as far as I'm concerned. While searching the web one time I found some vague reference to “Riverfalls Phase 2” but I never found anymore details on such a project. I think the whole place should be built out with apartments, condos, and retail. The views really are great and the location cannot be beat. I can walk downtown or into Brown's Addition just as easily, and seeing the lower falls every time I walk outside is a nice touch as well.


I would like to add the vacant lot in Browne's Addition next to Cabin coffee. Great potential for infill and an example of a live/ work situation if it is done right. I think you may have mentioned this in conversation;-)


I heard the lot next to Cabin Coffee sold for a rather crazy amount of money, somewhere just under two million. It'd be surprising if they didn't do something cool with it, what with the "San Francisco style" condos currently under development in the area also.


Remi-A friend sent me in this link to the lot you mentioned. It's selling for (hold pinky of right hand up to mouth) just under $1.6 million. Good Lord! Retail on ground floor, plus two levels of living. Nice design. Love the mansard roof.


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