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I think this is one of the most important projects being talked about right now. This could really be the boost that will get downtown humming. Hopefully the people of Spokane will get behind this and we'll see an important new project break ground soon.


I'd absolutely love to see it. however I think that a light rail system is an even more crucial agenda for spokane is a light rail system... I think many don't think that spokane is ready for such a system... most of which I think stems from a lack of knowledge on the subject... It'd be great to see the subject covered on this site, I noticed you have the link.


The light rail and streetcars are complimentary projects, and I'd hate to see the conversation place one above the other.

They serve different purposes. One provides for stops in targeted locations over large distances, the other provides stops at all locations nearby.

It's similar to a freeway, and local roads. Both are necessary to get you where you need to go.

As it should be, projects such as the Regional Light Rail, Downtown Streetcar, and Bridging the Valley are all coordinated to help each other out. So, here's to seeing them provide economic benefits to us soon!

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