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I think that the New Urbanism mantra of mixed uses, higher densities, urban retrofits, infill, walkable neighborhoods, diversity, etc. gear cities somewhat toward the creative class. And I think that the goals of new urbanism are worth pursuing and city plans and regulations should try to encourage those types of developments. I don't think cities should do too much, though, such as wield development regulations, to attract a specific group such as the creative class. I think that those type of places should happen and do happen naturally. The creative class is a buzzword or fad movement cities are trying to embrace, and by doing so my alienate other groups or overlook what the city may actually need.


Well put Bony!

The whole idea of creating a "gay district" is ridiculous. It’s so artificial. You can’t just create districts and expect that to work. Could we just drop a Chinatown on Upriver Dr, or a Little Italy our on Sprague? No, these things develop over time, with the initiative of the group involved.

There has been quite a bit of talk about this on Craig’s List, check out http://spokane.craigslist.org/rnr/ and search for “gay district.”

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