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Tacoma will always be a suburb of Seattle, not like it's a regional city like Spokane!
I won't be moving there!

Jim Grapes

The only thing Tacoma has over Spokane is a AAA baseball team. It would be great to watch players ready to break into the big leagues.


AAA baseball would be sweet, Jim.

D Huygens

Ahhh, Tacoma, the sweet aroma, and the city where my stolen car ended up burning in a ditch. The city with no shopping or restaurants downtown, the city where I crawl at 15 mph coming home from the fourth of July. How I love you, sweet Tacoma!


Yeah, The beauty of the I-5 corridor, the faint "wet dog and ass" smell from years of pulp mill be-foulery. Spokane downright sucks in comparison to Tacoma.


Downtown Tacoma is a lot of fun great pubs, restaurants, Chihuly Museum, and the Thea Foss Waterway. Having lived nearby I loved the urban environment of Tacoma, but access to the outdoors… if you don’t mind sharing it with a million other people and an a healthy commute. Oh, the pulp smell beats the rendering plant any day.

Silent Bahb

My experience with Tacoma is limited to a few visits downtown for business, but I always got the feeling that it was a city in waiting. They seem to have made some moves toward a rescpectable urban environment, but I feel their greatest draw at this point is potential - not execution.

I still prefer Spokane.

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