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Tough one - but I think I’ve got it. I believe that building on the corner to be the former Freeman’s Supermarket, which at one time also served to be the location for the town’s druggist’s, Mr. Gower. The old Bailey Building & Loan is just two doors down from Freeman’s on the south side of the street. When George Bailey was a just boy, he worked for Mr. Gower delivering pills and medicine to the good people of Bedford Falls. Wait a second… Wrong town, wrong intersection. Pardon me, a Monday morning flub-up just occurred.

The Woodruff

Northwest corner of Post and Main.

Silent Bahb

Ah, MAN! Woodruff beat me to it. I've got a great, slightly older photo of this very intersection. Of course, now it's a mall.


I am going for NW corner of Post and Spokane Falls Blvd... I am so not good at this game but I love it. Keep 'em coming MetroSpokane


2nd and Division? I see the Pratt Furniture sign, but not sure. Streets look one way?..


Howard and Riverside


someone beat me to it but Riverside and howard. You can tell because the taller pale in the back is the Crescent Building, I think the Pratt Furniture is where soulful soups is today.

The Woodruff

Woo hoo ! !! !!!

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