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I might be a little biased but this little Grand-Manito Neighborhood is the best.

Bryan B

Oh man, I've been going by that place for years, wanting to get a look at it. I love the location, save for trying to back out of that driveway onto Grand.

Another problem is Qdoba. So close I'd be dead within a year from heart disease.

Bill Richard

I'm the listing broker for this property and I just wanted to clarify a thing or two. The writer's comments about the view really do not do justice to the experience from the deck of this unique unit. The view from both the deck and the front windows is sweeping and is unobstructed to the North East. And in answer to one of the commenters,..there is plenty of turn around room in the back of the lot, so you never have to back out onto Grand. I very much appreciate the added exposure from Metro Spokane and the writer who composed such a nice description of this one of a kind home. The unit itself is front, center and topside in this picture. You can go to stagingspokanehomes.com for a full virtual tour of the property. Thanks again!


I lived in this unit back in the early-mid Eighties, when they were still apartments(1107 S. Grand Blvd. #A was the address), and the rent was around $500/month. But then, there was wall-to-wall carpeting, and the color theme was a wierd aqua, very pale...The landlady was Mrs. Coman, and she lived in the Davenport. When she found out I was a gardener, she put me to work around the place, and at a house she owned nearby. I loved living there. Division Street would have cut right through the kitchen, had it come up the hill. Lots of memories...

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