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I believe it was July of 1990. Traffic on Monroe was a lot busier until then, due to the toll on Maple.

But as evidenced by the photo, the toll on pedestrians continues...

Josh R

July 13th 1990. Google news archives rock.


The Maple Street Bidge toll was removed in May of 1990.


The Maple Street Bridge toll was removed in May of 1990.


Oops... July 1990


The toll is gone but, there is a troll in there somewhere.


that fence is horrendous and it hurts me to look at it. Nice photo though.


I remember so vividly the Maple Street Toll Bridge from childhood. How exciting it was as a little kid to throw the dime in the big basket and wait for the light to turn green and the bell to ding....

Jon Snyder

Most people may already know this but the fence is there because, among other things, someone walking along the bridge once dropped a bowling ball through the roof of a house in Peaceful Valley.

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