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Big thumbs up for Bonnie Mager. I hope her position on the raceway dispels the myth that democrats are the spenders. If the raceway can be run for a profit, then let private industry do it!


Yeah....no doubt. The county has no business trying to get involved with that. I would like to see the casino buy the land and they will build a quality raceway and then all the people who go to the races with afterwards spend the night in the casinos hotel and spend the rest of their money on gambling! Plus.....the casino is very cash rich and could easily afford such a venture! Then...all the casino would need out there is a quality golf course and they would truly become a tourist destination for people.

David Blaine

I loved the Spokane 10 list. I had forgotten what it was like to be 22 years old. Some data about population by age group and their growth/decline rates would be interesting. From my own perspective I would love to bend the town to the will of the thritysomething family man but I am guessing from the sold out shows at the local casinos that Baby Boomers still rule the roost in these parts.


Spokane 10 list is good except '6. Some neighborhoods set aside for diversity (alternative lifestyles and ethnicities).'
America once practiced this, when almost all cities had ethinic enclaves. Those of the WWII generation discovered where this could ultimatly lead, when they learned the hard lessons of fascism, and wisely returned from war mixing and marrying more freely with persons of different ethnicities, religions, and beliefs. No 6 proposes a huge social step backward.

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