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Does this mean the Wall St. condo project is back on?

Bart Mihailovich

I really enjoy thinking of the possibility of some new progressive theatre in Spokane. Something witty, edgy, something that can be artful but unique and risky. There was a great one in Butte Montana called Buttenik Ensemble - Butte just wasn't ready for that sort of entertainment. Something like that would flourish here in Spokane. You get people through the doors with a 7-10 dollar ticket and sell beer, let patrons drink in the theatre, sell snack food at intermission, and always have good food before and after - the possibilities are endless.


"Does this mean the Wall St. condo project is back on?"

Kinda doubt it, but if it were, having that many people living next door would be a nice thing for a restaurant/bar owner.

Brian A. Sayrs

Metro: your choice is one of the scenarios we envisioned when we offered it the building for sale.

This move is good for Interplayers because it releases it to do what it does best: performance, not building management. It's good for the patrons because the ticket price goes to the entertainment, not for the maintenance of an entire building. And it's good for Spokane precisely for the reasons you cite above: it will generate more opportunities for cultural activity.

Cities are best when they're well-used. Hopefully, this offering will inspire someone to create something great for Spokane.


The bar/restaraunt *would* be great. Here's hoping something works out nicely!

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