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genuinely concerned

Cross-promotion. I like it!

eric Blauer

Corner of Fiske and 5th ave


Speaking of unknown intersections... I want to know the story behind this strange street layout.


I get my hair cut near there all the time at Larry's Barber shop!!!


The T intersection at the top of the maple street toll bridge overpass (above the 93 community artwork). Broadway and ??? elm


Local, I was going to guess the same place.


"...only recently discovered?" "...guessed correctly?" You need to get out more often.


Thanks for sharing Transplant...

eric Blauer

"Now a ghost town" I must protest!!! Not so, not so...we live on Haven, which is on the same block. Our neighborhood is no ghost town...we have friendly neighbors and lots of children in our neighborhood. We rate a 65 on www.walkscore.com, due to local stores, parks and easy bus access. We have the great Ben Burr Trail and one of the best sledding hills in Spokane. We have a active community center. I pastor a thriving church here called Jacob's Well Church that is restoring the old Horseman's building and working on opening a neighborhood artist cafe. We host regular visual artists exhibits in our building and host local live music. We run a tutoring class for the neighborhood's 50 plus refugees from Burma and host family movies nights and lots of children activities too. There are no ghosts around here.

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