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Okay, that is seriously one of the coolest posters for Spokane that I have ever seen.


In those Expo years, people in the region were Pro-Spokane and this just shows a hint of that! Luckily, the trend is slowing changing in the direction again as more things are happening in the city!
I wish the Washington Trust bank was that tall! Maybe they should add some more floors so we can see it over the plain south elevation of the Davenport Tower?

Andrew Waddilove

I agree. It would be cool if the Washington Trust Tower could support future floors.
Maybe even topped by a spired roof of some kind making it the tallest building in downtown.


It's a shame that WTB branded the top of the building with their name and logo this past year. The vertical lines that were once soaring are now cut off. I blame Wells Fargo.

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