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Mariah McKay

I would like to see a coordinated and concerted effort on behalf of a number of different agencies (Downtown Spokane Partnership, Greater Spokane Incorporated, City of Spokane, etc.) to attract and retain talented and motivated 20-somethings. This might take the form of creating a new position or small office that is dedicated to the task. Duties would include information gathering, focus groups, unconventional publicity events, and a lot of networking and motivational relationship building to foster a dynamic, vibrant and cohesive young adult community.

John Speare

I'd like to see the city make good on its commitment to the comp plan by hiring a bike/ped coordinator. A lot of stuff has happened and is in the works, but it's mainly due to piling more work on an over-worked city staff and some volunteers.

Spencer Grainger

A serious discussion about neighborhood revitalization target specifically around business districts (South Perry, East Sprague, Historic Hillyard, Garland, Etc), and focus some of that Kendall Yards energy into the U-district. Let downtown do it's own thing for a while (with the exception of the devastatingly ugly Rookery Lot).

Joy Jones

Yes! A serious commitment to our neighborhood business districts is essential! And, don't forget West Broadway in the neighborhood business district revitalization effort! I'm a Nettleton's Addition resident and it would be great to have a functioning neighborhood business center in this neck of the woods!


I would like Community leaders to set forth a concrete plan to get a streetcar system started in downtown Spokane...with establishment of plans to bring back some of the older routes from the 1930's. STA needs to make plans to put Light Rail to the voters again.
Hopefully in 2008 a new highrise is announced for the city core and will be of quality and style!!


I would like to see low income housing addressed in downtown. We've kicked out hundreds of poor residents to make way for trendy new condos but we need to retain the diversity that made downtown interesting in the first place.

Downtown is doing well but we need thousands more people living down there before there is a truly vibrant core to this city.


Same as Dan, a downtown streetcar.

Galen Sanford

Since we have the opportunity to lay the foundation for a rejuvenated Spokane, we should discuss what sort of life forms we hope to see.

I'd like to see people who trust each other and who don't depend on the city to make them cultured. I'd like to bump into artists and philanthropic entreprenuers and vocal citizens who debate, joke and embrace.

The U.S really doesn't need another gentrified metropolis full of hipsters and yuppies. Here's to a meritage, a diverse gourmet buffet of choices, a Gross Domestic Happiness as well as lots and lots of wealth.


I agree with all of your postings and add my own:
Find a permanant home for a central farmer's market. Use our stately downtown and block traffic if necessary and host a weekend market in the street. On a similar subject keep moving the idea of a year-round marketplace in a building (Jensen Byrd would be great)with produce, home grown and created food, a public space for meetings and for performance. Create a venue that would get folks together and become a local gathering spot to feed one's soul and stomach and possibly become a tourist destination.
Move the outdoor ice skating rink to one of the abundant parking lot spaces now available in the downtown core. Let the property owner make money from the concession rather than from parking fees and showcase this great family activity for all to see and enjoy. It would enhance downtown greatly!
Move forward with the Mobius Science Center - this means we all have to contribute and raise the dollars needed. Make sure the architectual design is a stunner that would usher Spokane into the 21st century. We have a proud past and wonderful old buildings. Now let's create a dramatic design and place for family and kids as well as a tourist destination that would help pay for itself. For anyone interested - google Columbus Indiana and read about all of the world class public buildings in this small city that people from all over the world come to visit.
Lastly we seem to have some really dreary streetscapes. Let's move toward public/private partnerships to plant more trees and landscape vacant land and lots. An example is the southeast corner of Trent and Hamilton, where grass and trees were planted to soften and greatly improve the streetscape. Areas I notice are Division, East Sprague and East Trent. Am I the only one who notices this kind of dreariness? I believe that Walt Worthy voiced interest in this last year.. Thanks for listening. Let's mobilize and get things done in 2008!

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