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David Blaine

It is good to know someone else refers to it as the old ONB building. Just like it will always be the Cavanaugh's River Inn. As for the granaries, I love the use of the silos in the movie Benny and June. That view of the centennial mills was new to even Spokane people.

Ben Delaney

I LOVE the grain silos!! They are one of my secret favorite things in Spokane. I'm so glad to hear that I'm not alone in my appreciation of their serene beauty. My favorite is the one on Sprague, closest to downtown--to the immediate east of the interchange that leads from I-90 to Hamilton street. The combination of the brick work, the grid-like glass windows and the curved concrete silos are stunning in my opinion.


I was thinking about the Grain Silos recently. Funny you brought it up. My thoughts ranged from if they were still being used and their historical significance to Spokane (Like the Railroad in downtown Spokane).

Being from North Central Idaho, they remind me of home and show how Spokane developed as the regional center for the Inland Empire/Inland Northwest!

I hope they will always remain here in Spokane.....at least a few of them. Of course, I'm not sure how they could incorporate them into future uses. At least they should try!

Maybe they need to be turned in Condo's???? :)


My question is...

Does Billy still heart Lisa?

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